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In 2010, LABELYS integrates the community of 2,000 French companies selected for their ability to innovate.


We are continuing to create and innovate, with the constant objective to give you the best solutions in terms of production management and traceability. For its energy in this area, LABELYS received the Artinov 2007 trophy from the Rhône-Alpes Regional Council.


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In order to give you all the guarantees you are entitled to, LABELYS, since it was created in 2004, has not ceased improving the quality of its products and services.

Conscious of your demands and those of your markets, we have decided to go still further by providing you with a product meeting the strictest requirements as concerns hygiene and safe food consumption.

The first firm in our field to be certified ISO 22000, this undertaking required heavy investments and has now become one of the major tools in the management of our activity.

See and check our certificate no. 308861202199




Granted an award for the design and development of a new RFID identifier for the traceability of cheeses, LABELYS received the Artinov 2007 trophy (process category) from the Ain Chamber of Trades.

This trophy distinguishes the firms that are the most innovative in their sector of activity.




Firms granted a label stand out by their history and their attainments, their capacity for innovation and their know-how, rare and precise, which have contributed to establishing their reputation in French enterprise.

In order to develop their markets on a national and international scale, the living heritage enterprises (Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant) must have at their disposal high-performance communication tools.
Consequently, the acquisition of a label is accompanied by media promotion orchestrated by the State Secretariat for business enterprises and foreign trade, in particular through the following action:

  • Territorial and bank partners, universities and research laboratories are being mobilized and educated with respect to firms granted a label.
  • An international website is being created in order to show the firms granted labels as well as their products in the world market.
  • Media events are being organized in order to develop the audience and reputation of these firms.


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